At Skin Hair Dermatology Education we're here to train, educate, consult and oversee your Skin and Hair Loss Clinic & Business.

With over twenty-five years specialised experience in the field of Dermatology, Hair Loss Clinic Management and Business Development, we offer our clients a wealth of experience, knowledge, information and guidance both medically and business-wise.

It is a fact that only around 10% of new businesses make it to the 10 year mark, most fail within the first 2 years

At SH Dermatology Education we help our clients to establish, run and develop successful clinics and businesses in the field of skin and hair loss.

You have the idea, the enthusiasm and the dream but do you have the know-how? Let us help you create a business that you will be proud of for years to come!

Services & Training Courses

With over twenty years experience in opening, managing and rolling out Aesthetic Surgery Medical Clinics, our business and medical teams are perfectly placed to take you hand by hand, through the often difficult process of opening an Aesthetic Surgery Medical Clinic.
From Diagnosis and Education to Surgical Training and Medical Body Registrations, we will lead you through and guide you expertly.
Learn your subject well, train your staff to the highest standards and follow business rules and guidelines to take your business to the top!

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